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Alhambra, 40CL


Pale Lager from Granada, Spain

Stella Artois, 40CL


Pilsner from Belgium

1906, 40CL


Vienna Lager from La Coruña, Spain

Turia, 40CL


Bavarian Lager from Valencia, Spain

Chouffe, 33CL


Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Kasteel Hoppy, 33CL


Belgian beer

Kasteel Rouge, 33CL


Belgian fruit beer

Hoegaarden, 33CL


Belgian wheat beer

Lindemans kriek, 25CL


Belgian cherry beer

Airtight, 41CL


Imperial Stout by Garage Beer, Spain

Hop House 13, 50CL


Irish lager from Guiness

Guinness, 50CL


Dark Irish dry stout

Magners, 50CL


Irish Apple Cider

Kopparberg, 50CL


Fruit Cider from Sweden



10 half pints: one of each draft we have.